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Dog training for all life skills and unwanted behaviors. Basic obedience and good manners.

"My dog never listens! He's so stubborn!"

Ready to create a peaceful and harmonious life with your dog? 

Dog's add so much to our lives, with their love and companionship. However, they do need a little guidance and training to help them  navigate and adjust to our world. Fortunately, all dogs have the ability to learn these skills! 

What we can help with

All dogs have their own unique behavioral challenges. Here are just a few common issues we can help with. 

Basic manners and obedience

Walking politely on leash

Polite greetings



Coming when called

Leash reactivity

Independence training

Husbandry and cooperative care

Resource guarding

Counter surfing

Rescue/shelter dog transition & acclimation 

And much more....

Training Options and Packages

Private One On One In Home Coaching & Remote Training - We Train You!

First session normally last approximately 90 minutes due to the in-depth history and information taking process. 

4 Private coaching sessions: $420

5 Private coaching sessions: $510

6 Private coaching sessions:  $600

Day Training - We Train For You!

Dedicated Dogos:  $1400. 

12 one-hour training sessions

3 transfer coaching session

Handouts and ongoing email and text support 

Clever Canines:  $1120

9 one-hour sessions

3 transfer coaching sessions 

Handouts and ongoing email and text support

Basic Behavior:  $940

8 one-hour sessions

2 transfer coaching sessions 

Handouts and ongoing email and text support

* Travel Fee - $15 additional fee for travel of 25 miles or more from our home base in Rehoboth MA. 

Elly is patient and encouraging to both dogs and their owners.  She makes sure both understand what is expected from them.  She helped Holly go from a stray, anxious and scared, to a loving pet.  Holly was not house trained and had no manners. She was terrified of cars and would bite the leash when you tried to walk her.  Elly helped me to house train Holly tweaking the training as Holly became more acclimated to home life and being a pet.  Elly not only trains dogs but more importantly their owners.  Holly has come a long way thanks to Elly.

Jane M. 

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