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Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer can give you your life back! Assessment and training program, that cna teach your dog being alone is safe. Stress free alone time is possible for the both of you!

"Help! I'm afraid to
leave my dog alone!" 

Stress free alone time is within reach!

Watching your dog panic when alone is heartbreaking. However, with our home alone program, we can help your dog learn that being by themselves is safe, providing you with the precious freedom and peace of mind when you are away. 

Does your dog panic when you leave him alone? 

Are you leaving your home to the sound of your dog barking, howling or scratching at the door? Have your neighbors voiced their complaints about he noise? Do you return home to find accidents even though your dog is housetrained or discover that door frames and furniture have been chewed? Do you struggle with feelings of guilt and worry when leaving home? 

With our tailored program design, adapted specifically to cater to your dog's unique needs, your dog will gain the confidence and ease in spending time on their own.

The Home Alone Program

A Unique Training Experience 

Training for Separation anxiety is unlike training for any other behavior. Because this behavior only occurs when the dog is alone, all sessions will be done remotely. The goal is to mimic real life and make things as organic as possible. When you feel ready to take the reins yourself or your dog’s separation anxiety is completely resolved the transition away from our support will be easy and seamless!  

Initial Assessment: $140

Assessments are conducted to establish a baseline that we will use to create your dog’s individualized training program. During this time we will also review the training program, your training needs and goals and carve out the best path to accomplish your objectives.  

4 Week Intensive: $620

We will be rewiring your dog’s brain to teach them that being alone is safe. Because this process will take time, we require a 4-week initial commitment. During these 4 weeks, we will build a solid foundation of brief absences and tease out all the nuances to create an individualized plan for your dog. Creating this foundation will seem slow at first, but once this foundation is built, absence durations generally start to accelerate. At the end of the 4 weeks, you may decide to continue with the regular support and guidance from our trainer or feel comfortable enough to continue on yourself! 

Each Home Alone Package Includes: 

Initial assessment with video recording

4 one-hour weekly reassessments 

20 individualized training protocols 

Charting and data collection to track progress

Daily email support

My husband and I reached out to Elly when we were overwhelmed and feeling truly helpless about our dog's separation anxiety. Elly was not only incredibly knowledgable and fully trained to handle separation anxiety in dogs (which was amazing to find since not all trainers are equipped to handle this) but what impressed me the most was how deeply she cared for both pet and owner. She made a point to check in on how we were doing too, knowing just how stressful it can be on the owners to have a dog who struggles being left alone. Elly was responsive and attentive and really helped us zone in on our dog's struggle and worked with us to find a solution that worked for all of us. She was forthcoming and honest and truly couldn't have been kinder. She followed up after our meeting to check in on how all of us were doing and I couldn't be more thrilled to report that both our pup and us are doing SO much better! Thank you, Elly!

Rebecca B. 

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